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Top 10 Label Printer for Network Cables (Under $80)

Electricians are always busy cutting and bending cables. Sometimes they mess up whole wires or cables because not a single cable they cut or bend. In the electrical area, tons of network cables are placed. Specific cables have specific work. We are human beings, and can’t remember everything we see. Network cable labeling is a great way to remember which type of cable is this. TechDoa is ready to serve you the best label printer for network cables so that you can free yourself from confusion when working in electrical areas with tons of wires/cables.

Suppose, if you don’t label any cables, you may pick the wrong cable for work. It may be dangerous if it is misplaced in particular electric ports. So, keep yourself always in safe mode. A portable label printer may need under $100 but in the long run, it will save you from unwanted situations. Without further delay, let’s get into a discussion about network label printers. 

What Factors to Consider When Buying Label Printer for Network Cables?

  • Hot Keys

HotKeys are instant keys that help users to navigate every option easily. What they want, what they want, will get by simply pressing HotKeys. Do you want to change the font size? Want to label a network cable? You should avoid those label printers that have no HotKey.

  • Label Margin

Margin is equally important when choosing a label printer for network cables. Extra margin means extra tapes, that waste huge tapes in the long run. As a result, you have to purchase an additional tap that sucks extra cost. I know some space is needed after the label text, but if it is unadjusted, nothing just an annoying matter. To be a good label maker, it should not waste tape.

  • App Compatibility

I have reviewed most of the network label printers that support mobile or desktop app features. That is cool because a simple app can customize your label and bring you your fav one. So, check app compatibility when purchasing a label printer.

  • Label Durability

No matter how good a label printer you select, you should first check out the label’s durability. Because, at the end of the day, you are purchasing this product for label printing. If the prints are not durable, it would not be a worthy printer. I didn’t recommend a lack of durability label printer. I am against low-class tapes that hunt you again and again for re-printing.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Label Printer for Network Cables

1) NiiMbot D11 Portable Label Printer

Do you need something compact and portable that you can take anywhere for label purposes? Check out NiiMbot D11-a best label printer for network cables. It is not so much bigger than a smartphone. This label printer/maker is super portable. It will fit in your pocket, wrist, and any purse easily. It is pre-assembled so you don’t worry about assembling it.

To use this label printer, simply connect with Bluetooth to your own phone. You need to install a NiiMbot mobile app and then enable the Bluetooth feature on your phone to complete the setup process and use. The labels are tiny sticker size. It is customizable through an app. Users can edit any text from this app. Many stickers, emojis, and symbols are available on this app. You can use any elements when you need them.

This label printer has the ability to print QR codes, bar codes, and multiple lines. Multiple gestures, and text elements, are also printable within 3 seconds. From our lab test report, it is handy, affordable, and super slim and comes with a rechargeable battery. With a micro-USB, you can recharge this device. You will get NiiMbot D11 with multiple colors ranging from pink to white.

But, I don’t like the pre-sized labels. When I need to adjust the size of the label, I won’t. Besides, it only works with an app and needs a stable internet connection. In the electrician area, there may be a coverage issue. At that time, I couldn’t customize the labeling. That is so sad for me and you.

This product is highly compatible for networking purposes. It can act as a label maker and label printer both. There is no significant issue when using this. So, you can use it without hassle.


  • About the size of a smartphone
  • Customizable designs
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Pre-sized labels
  • Only works with app

2) Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Do you need a portable label printer kit that works for you like a charm? The Brady BMP21-Plus is an entry label network printer that is designed to crank out labels. It seems tougher outside but honestly smarter on the inside. It can tolerate shock, vibration, and drops, you take its electric side with confidence. With symbols array and custom templates, you can label any text from network cable to cable flags.

Brady BMP21-Plus takes a few minutes to set up completely. It includes a tap cartridge, so don’t worry about an extra cartridge until it ends. It needs 6 AA batteries to run. In the battery compartment door, there are two squeezable finger tabs that reduce finger pressure when inserting a battery into it. For network cables it has a custom template, BMP21-PLUS did a fantastic job because you can customize the font size and gauge when labeling a wire.

Even those praiseworthy options, this cable label printer requires extra trial and error to add the right size label. It also wastes some extra tape. It has no preview mode which already exists on other cable label printers. At a reasonable price, Brady BMP21-PLUS comes with extra cool accessories, such as a retractable stand, 6 AA battery, and heavy-duty attachment.

I am very disappointed to see, it’s not come with a rechargeable battery. I have to purchase an extra battery for this. Replacing a battery is costly in the long run. I expected a QWERTY keyboard on this device, but unfortunately, they didn’t adjust it.

The printer’s lightweight design and grip-able handle make it comfortable to hold for long periods. Though it is not a big leading brand, it made me feel professional with its charisma. For network cable labeling, this printer is super worthy.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Large selection of industrial labels
  • Lightweight
  • Backlit display
  • 16 MB of memory


  • On the pricier side
  • Batteries are required
  • No QWERTY keyboard
  • Lacks an automatic cutter

3) DYMO Label Maker LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker

After more than 20 hours of scanning in the product shop for label printers, I found DYMO LabelManager 160 is the best people love to choose. Like other network cable label printers, it has thermal printing technology. It surprises me with its compact design. It may be a great reason why electricians love this product. It has a large and bright display and easy navigation that helps to print a label easily.

You can also print any label with a single hand. Label fonts, textures, symbols, and icons are really astonished, you can customize them easily. But, users are complaining about the font. They expected multiple fonts, but DYMO manufacturers are still lagging behind the feature. In my opinion, only One Font is not a big issue at all. Most network label printers come with ABC or QWERTY keyboards. Both are highly usable. DYMO added a QUERTY keyboard which makes the typing easier.

It requires 6 AA batteries, sorry to say, you have purchased the battery additionally. DYMO disagreed with the product. Customers claimed that this label printer eats battery soon. My recommendation, try to use an Eneloop Rechargeable battery

, they will perform flawlessly. If you are searching for a label maker for network labels, DYMO 160 would be a great choice.

After using this label maker, you should remove its battery. Sometimes this product sucks battery life. There may be an internal issue. I hope in the future, DYMO manufacturer will look over it. Besides, there is a TAPE JAM error customer found. To fix it, you just need to cut an extra tap. It may be annoying for somebody but there is nothing to do.

At an affordable price, we can’t expect huge features from this product. As we found, great labeling is enough to love it. Just remember that nothing is perfect on earth.


  • You can easily enter texts with the QWERTY keyboard
  • Check the layout on the display before you print the label
  • Make every label unique with the different letter sizes, styles, and frames.


  • AAA batteries aren’t included by default, so you don’t have everything you need to get started right away.

4) Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

The Brother QL-700 is a professional label printer, especially for electricians who love working on network cables. It delivers fast speed, a wide variety of label types, and prints cool stamps within a sec. If you have ever used Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer, it is hard to avoid thinking about the new Brother QL-700.

The QL-700 is almost the same price as the QL-570. Besides blazing speed, it has charming looks and is compact in size. Brother ensures there are a variety of labels available on this printer. You can use it for film labels, network cable labels, shipping labels, etc. Fortunately, you can print your own stamps. It is available from Pitney Bowes website www.pb.com/brother; You can register for the service that requires no monthly fee and print stamps without hassle.

For your needs, Brother QL-700 can create cost-effective paper labels for envelopes, files folders, disks, wires bending, and many more. No need to invest money in extra ink or toner. Also, the auto-cutter helps to cut extra space when labeling one or multiple printers at a time.

I disagree with its software facility. Apart from printing stamps, this software is only available for pc. However, Brother decided to roll out this app for mobile phones. Still on the way. You may find significant errors when setting up the printer with the computer. But this issue is not regular so don’t be afraid about this.

As a Network cable label printer, it is super comfy, handy, portable, and works great. Forget about tiny drawbacks, Brother QL-700 has its own craze. It is a runway gamer.


  • Fast
  • Automatic cutter
  • Works with a variety of label sizes and types including paper and film
  • Can print stamps


  • Although the software is highly capable, people who just want to print single labels as needed may find it overwhelming

5) DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is a compact label printer, compatible with Windows and Mac. The printer is perfect for printing network cable, network wires, address labels, shipping labels, file folder labels, name badges, inventory labels, and others: without the hassles. It delivers prints at more than acceptable speed. It uses the Endicia Website to print postage.

You just need to download the DYMO Stamps program and upgrade to add support for stamps. Then create an account on the Endicia Website to start printing stamps. The LabelWriter 450 is not so hard to set up. PDF instructions available on the manufacturer’s website, there is no hard work. Obviously, you will find the instruction helpful and be able to set it up easily.

If I talk about performance, it is slower than the turbo, but also much quieter in action. The twin also saves the tedious task of changing labels which I find a chore especially as I print a few different sized labels. It uses thermal label printing technology that eliminates ink cost and toner. To customers print labels, you can use Microsoft Word, Excel Outlook, or Google Contacts. I think DYMO LableWriter 450 is super worthy.

First time, you may face a problem in setting up the printer with the Endicia Website for printing stamps. But, honestly, there is no hardy configuration. If needed, you can take help from the manufacturer’s website.

No major issue I found on this network label printer. Everything looks great.


  • Comes with an excellent label-printing program plus a driver and add-ins for Word and Excel
  • Can be upgraded to print postage


  • Word add-in doesn’t integrate smoothly with Microsoft Word

6) Brother P-Touch, PTH110, Easy Portable Label Printer

The Brother P-Touch, PTH110 is a lightweight portable label printer for network cables. Electrical engineers would especially love to use this label maker. The graphical interface is really nice. You will see what you type in the preview section. By using a medium-sized QWERTY keyboard, you add particular text with great font styles and frames. It comes with 14 fonts, 3 fonts, and 250 symbols.

It shines with great label options with fonts, styles, brackets, symbols, etc. You can take help from PDF instructions from the manufacturer’s site if needed. If I compare it with other label printers, Brother PTH110 will be first in the label printer race. When you see the review section on Amazon, most label printer users suggest Brother label printer.

In our lab test, we conducted a few tests to determine the print quality and found the labels clearly visible on any elements. You may think about margin, fortunately, you can adjust margins which may not be possible on other cable label printers. Large margins waste tap, when you need a low margin for labeling, why do you need a large margin.

Use large or short margins when you need to. From home food labeling to network cable labels everything can cover up the Brother P-Touch, PTH110. As per instruction, it is excellent, doesn’t need much space to place, is sturdy, and prints a good-looking label.

There is no major drawback to this network cable label printer. But customers complain about wasting a ridiculous amount of tape. Functionally, Brother kept the label system long. Suppose, when you print “TESTING”, the label will give you proper prints but it adds extra tape space on both sides. So, it wastes some extra tap. It’s a little crap!

When you consider labeling, waste tap or other tiny drawbacks are nothing. Quality is more important. The quality of label printing is excellent. It is easy to peel and apply. Customer war between Brother and DYMO. For separate chores, each one is perfect in its place.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Designed to hold in one hand while entering text for a label with the other


  • Keyboard arrangement is alphabetical rather than QWERTY
  • LCD isn’t backlit

7) DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

Particularly, the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is an attractive choice for network cable labels. Depending on your point of view, DYMO 4XL is similar to LabelWriter 450. But, a little bit different in price and work. One is a turbo-labeling thermal printer and another is an only thermal printer. We found a speed issue on DYMO 4XL. As compared to DYMO LabelWriter 450, it is so far a good label printer.

But, DYMO 1755120 also runs on the label printer race. It is perfect in size, and able to print XL shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcodes, identification labels, bulk mailing labels, and other wire labels, especially all types of network cables. As a direct thermal label printer, you don’t need expensive ink or toner that actually saves you a lot of money.

No compromise in printing, it ensures crystal clear printing with free software. Almost 60 professional label templates are available on the app, additionally, you are able to add your own template for printing. Unfortunately, a driver issue hunts all DYMO 1755120 users. I think future updates will fix the issue soon. DYMO manufacturers should look up this problem. Users are complaining about this heavily.

If I compare DYMO 1755120 with LabelWriter 450. DYMO 1755120 would be second. Some limitations and customer support are horrible. If you think nothing is more annoying, you can go for this.

Overall affordable, good for printing shipping labels and network labels. It’s the best label maker for electricians.


  • Comes with an excellent label-printing program
  • Can print USPS postage, and shipping labels for USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more


  • Word add-in doesn’t integrate smoothly with Word

8) Phomemo-M110 Portable Mini Bluetooth Label Printer

For easy network label printing, nothing is better than Phomemo-M110. It is super compact and fits in the palm of your hand. This label maker printer comes with Bluetooth wireless technology. It can connect easily with a mobile phone app. This app store contains tons of label templates such as cable labels, clothing tags, folder labels, address tags, price tags, etc.

Whatever you need just download and add the label through the Phomemo app. Additionally, you can create your own print template, this label can be edited with a Microsoft word document or Notepad. Batching features are also available here. Label margins are great factors in labeling printers. Phomemo ensures 48mm, 20mm, and 50mm wide print labels. Unfortunately, you can’t use this printer for shipping labels!

Its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can recognize text and images easily. Your text in photos will be converted to editable in text mode within 3 seconds. The setup process is super easy. Just connect the Bluetooth from the app to the printer, just by turning it on. Feeding the paper through is pretty effortless as well, open the top, feed through the edge, close, and hit the fed button. This is a perfect label printer for network cables. Works great.

App issues may hunt you sometimes. This app is not compatible with all phones. You should give it a try first. A customer complained this app crashed and deleted all saved templates he customized. Phomemo continuously updates this app. I hope there is no issue now.

When a label printer is super affordable and easy to work with. Nothing more than just to consider. Overall great equipment you are ready to achieve. Yes, it’s reliable and works great!


  • Offers ink-less, smooth, and fast printing
  • Connects in one click and prints effortlessly
  • Built to prevent paper jams and deviations


  • Over the top price

9) MarkDomain Label Maker Machine, Portable Handheld Label Printer

A label is not just for placement on wires, it should be like communicating with other people. Electricians expect different signs, symbols, and warnings on network cables so people understand what this label actually means. As an electrician, when you buy a cable label printer, you should check these features out.

The MarkDomain is a type of label printer where 940+ symbols are available, most of the signs are related to wires. This labeling printer has 22 separate languages that help for contractual jobs in non-regional countries. It comes with an AZe-FX231 tape and also allows TZe ribbons like the Brother P-touch series. This industrial label printer is not so big in size but portable.

Label print quality is promising, and the QWERTY keyboard seems interesting when you type a text for labeling. An auto-sized feature helps not to waste extra tap. It is a good label printer that has a lot of nice formatting options that make it very versatile.

Unfortunately, MarkDomain didn’t come with 2 rolls of tape. A single roll work great with available fonts. Sometimes, it wraps the cable, which is annoying.

An average type label printer is best for its outstanding work. Besides working with Brother P Touch TZE, the labels are strong, thick, and resistant to water. Perfect machine for indoor wires and outdoor also.


  • 940+ symbol options for different work requirements
  • Multiple foreign languages are accessible
  • Compatible with Brother P-touch TZe label tapes
  • Auto-saving formats and print records
  • Permits barcode printing


  • The LCD screen is a little difficult to read

10) Phomemo D30 Portable Label Printer

The Phomemo D30 Label Printer is exactly what it sounds like- a cable label printer that prints mini labels without much effort. The printer is small in size and portable also, which means you can take it anywhere you want. Currently, It is available in 3 colors blue, pink, and white. This printer runs with a 4.0 Bluetooth connection and supports 10 meters distance for printing.

It includes a rechargeable battery, with a full charge you can print 50 rolls of the thermal labels. Like other smart label printers, The Phomemo D30 has a built-in app that makes it easy to print. Different colored and stylish mini labels, also transparent, white, pattern, square, and round labels are available on the app. You can select any style then print and then attach it to your product.

Surprisingly, you don’t need extra toner, ribbons, and ink which saves you huge money in the long run. If you are looking for a super convenient and fast label maker to label things in electric sides and offices. It is absolutely perfect for smaller label creations. Nothing fancy, you get a good label fast and easy. Make thermal labels so that you can get them wet and not have that big of an issue.

Print is clear, not a lot of font choices but just enough. If you are looking for something that is going to make you label the size of a return address label then this product is probably not for you. If you want a mean network wires and spice jar labeler then this will be your best friend.

Android users may face issues when printing any particular labels. This sometimes can’t work. I think Android users are getting screwed. Probably works fine if you’re using the app on an iPhone and the Android app is just broken. This is pretty standard though. In my thought, app issues are not permanent. In the next update, the manufacturer will surely solve it.

This network label printer is slim, streamlined, and dynamic. You can keep it in your purse, when you need to label for network cables, you can definitely use it without any hassle.


  • Built-in direct thermal technology prints without requiring ink, toner, or ribbons
  • Features a high-capacity rechargeable battery that offers long runtime per charge
  • The printer offers crisp, dark imaging, smooth printing effects, and fast processing


  • May disconnect at times

Final Take

When investing in a label printer, you should depend only on the budget. Otherwise, you will have an electric label printer that will last for only 2-3 days. To get the best label printer for network cables, your chosen printer should variety of printing capabilities. From portability to compatibility, everything needs to add to it. Font, symbols, emojis, tape-style, and app compatibility should exist on the label printer. Also, checkout is the printer able to print multi-lines such as horizontal and vertical. It is necessary for all network cables.